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    The last time I fully updated this thing was, oh, sometime in 2015.  But I’m happy to say that as of right now, 6:47 p.m. April 14 2017, this site is current.  Kinda messy, but up to date. 

    Really, if I wasn’t doing so many other things I would probably spend more time documenting activities here. This is still my favorite place to collect the various playlists and links I like to play with. But if you want to know more about the day to day rumblings of my mind I suggest you root me out on Facebook which is where I spend an inordinate amount of time. (Twitter....not so much.)

    In the meantime here are a bunch of sites that I find myself wasting time on and some artist whose products I buy when I should be doing something else, like figuring out how to create a functional search engine for this site, or learning how to build a site without antiquated iWeb:

  1. 1)The A.V. Club

  2. 2)Bird Is The Worm

  3. 3)Gapplegate Music Review

  4. 4)The Free Jazz Collective

  5. 5)Brilliant Corners

  6. 6)Culture Catch

  7. 7)Excavated Shellac

  8. 8)UBUWEB

  9. 9)Free Music Archive

  10. 10)Archive.Org

  11. 11)Allen Lowe

  12. 12)Microphones In The Trees

  13. 13)Kali Z. Fasteau

  14. 14)The Onion

  15. 15)Cylinder Preservation And Digitization Project

  16. 16)Avant Music News

  17. 17)The Log Journal

  18. 18)Amy Denio

  19. 19)JioSaavn Pro MOD APK

  20. 20)How to draw sun

  21. 21)Otter drawing

  22. 22)Draw Notebook

  23. 23)Teleserye

  24. 24)Your Site Here

  I’m also happy to say that I am kind of up to date with our playlists but alas, the trading list got too big for the standard listing over at etree.  There is a way to subdivide it but it would take five years just to catch up so enjoy what’s there.  If you want to do an online trade, let’s. 
  Until I get back up here again feel free to root around, leave a comment, visit back and click on strange places.  And get a Facebook account.  We’ll chat.






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